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Getting a Clue on Tired Tuesday

I CAN’T be tired, even if it is Tuesday!  I have rehearsal tonight!  For those of you just tuning in, it is for Morning’s at Seven at Ilion Little Theatre.  Just a half hour ago, I was congratulating myself that I had two and half hours before I had to be there: plenty of time for a blog post and other writing chores.  How’s that working out for me, you ask?  IT’S NOT!!!

OK, got that off my chest, on with the blog post.  I worked more on the murder mystery which should have been completed by now.  I question the wisdom of sharing that it is not done yet.  However, since I have neither a full cast nor rehearsals scheduled, I may as well admit the entire ugly truth. Never mind.  That script will be completed by week’s end, and the performance will be highly entertaining for all involved.

But getting back to the play at hand, I spent some time today working on my lines, while on break, OF COURSE, put down that phone if you were about to call my boss on me!  While I was actually working, I thought about my character (I have the sort of job where I can think about other things while I work).  I’m trying to piece together her backstory.  It’s always fun for me, figuring out from the script what happened before and what my character is thinking about now.  Later on in the rehearsal period, I’ll start writing a sequel in my head.  I would never actually write a sequel to somebody else’s script (I like to make up my own characters), but it is entertaining to talk to the other actors about what comes next.

Come to think about it, that makes every play kind of a mystery.  I look for CLUES in the script and figure things out!  Maybe I’ll make a good mystery writer yet.  In the meantime, I still have some time before rehearsal to work more on my lines.


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