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Day One of the Birthday Weekend

Here I am,  Tablet posting on Lame Post Friday.  I had a lovely day .  It is the first day of Steven’s four day birthday weekend.  We celebrate big for Steven’s birthday.

He is handsome, yes,

He is not toasting his birthday in this shot, but we are both toasting his birthday as I type (one letter at a time with the stylus,  grrr!).

There are LOTS of pictures of me hugging Steven.

I  guess I’ll just fill out this post with pictures of Steven.  He may not like it,  but I will.

Doesn’t he look distinguished?

Here he is in one of his many stage triumphs , as Dr. Suiter in Roxy at Illinois Little Theatre .

With our friends, Kim and Wayne.

Here he is in 1920’s garb for a fundraiser for Utica Landmarks Society .

It is taking a long time to get to 200 words sharing photos and only commenting one sentence each time.  Well, I will add one more picture,  and if the post is less than 200 words (my usual standard for myself), so be it.

We should have taken a trip for his birthday.

This was at the H.A.L.O. Luau fundraiser(Helping Animals Live Organization,  a car rescue group).  Fun times.  Happy Friday,  everyone!


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