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Another Blogger’s Sad Day

Watch the local news, I said, while I do my blog post.  Then we’ll watch something else together.  Oh am I sorry I ever did that.  I cannot do a silly Friday Lame Post now.  I don’t know if I can do a coherent blog post at all.  But you know me, I’m going to type in something and I’ll probably make a joke or two, however inappropriate they may feel.

The lead story on WKTV News was a house fire in Herkimer, NY (where I live) in which three children died.  What a terrible tragedy.  The next story was also about a fire.  No people died, but before I could feel any relief about that, I heard that the pets were lost.   That was when Steven changed the channel and put it on Snapped: Killer Couples.  It’s not my favorite, but it is less depressing.

Well, here is a topic for some half-baked philosophy, in which I often indulge on Lame Post Friday.  Why is murder less depressing than accidental death?  The murder victim is rarely asking for it, in any sense of the expression.  In fact, sometimes I feel very sad about the person who dies.  But it feels more remote.  It feels like I’m only hearing a story, especially on what I call the re-enactment-fests.  Still, it is a true story.

OK, Steven just got fed up with Killer Couples and especially with the Previews of Even More Disturbing Coming Attractions.  He put it on Judge Mathis.  I guess we’re both still pretty perturbed.  Full disclosure:  I’ve been feeling down all week, and I have no reason to feel down, so I am not looking for sympathy, go ahead and play that miniature violin for me.  But I am going to wrap up one of my most blah posts ever.  I’ll hope for a better day tomorrow.


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  1. Cindy, I’ve been so sad over that news since i first heard it. I was sad and sick over the other news with the grandmother and landlord. All this sad news sure can make people sad. Even if the people are strangers. Prayers are needed now.

  2. Cindy, I try to keep up on current events but particularly lately things have been so dark and depressing I find that myself easily getting burned out. Sometimes I just have to tune it out and focus on other things. Watching cartoons on YouTube can be therapeutic. In my case, chasing after a few birds is even moreso. Or just spending time with my parrot. Hopefully today is a better day!

    • Chasing birds is awesome, because you get out into nature. I’d like to get a little outdoor running in, but it’s too cold today! Maybe by this afternoon. I’d also like to get a pet to spend some time with.

  3. Every current event we read now is just bad and depressing or just plain terrifying. I guess it’s actually a good thing that a lot of people get upset over tragic news. When we have to worry is when we no longer have the ability to feel or care at all. Stress has a way of killing off emotions.


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