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More Halloween, Please!

I have a LOT of stuff I need to be getting done, but, you know, I have always had the damnedest time getting anything done on a Sunday.  I went to church and got a prayer shawl blessed for the mother of a friend.  I went grocery shopping with my husband.  I made spaghetti sauce for dinner, chopped vegetables and made salad for tomorrow’s lunch, and… OK, that was it.  And I am watching Halloween movies, so I can at least make a blog post with fun pictures.  We started cheesy with Horror Hotel (1960), featuring a young, fairly hot Christopher Lee.

Not the best shot of him, but a pretty creepy pic, I thought.

The movie was in one of our DVD horror collections. House on Haunted Hill was also on that disc.  Of course we have House on Haunted Hill (1959) on a disc all by itself, seeing as it is one of our all time favorites, but I suggested we go ahead and watch it on that disc, since it was already in the machine.


I loves me some Vincent Price.

Next Steven suggested Carnival of Souls (1962), a really trippy, well made, low budget, high suspense horror film.

It’s scary! And far from cheesy.

I got the picture from a cool Facebook page:

And I have missed a bit of the movie while I made this post.  It hardly matters.  I will certainly watch this movie again.  I have declared it Halloween season in my household.  I figure if my fall allergies can kick in so early (and they certainly have!), I can enjoy the fun parts of fall as well.  It makes an excellent way to get through a Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

I can’t see where the poster resembles the movie, but you know I never pay much attention to these things.

Carnival of Souls ended before I hit publish, so I moved on to Night Tide (1961), which is on the same disc.


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  1. To find Halloween all you have to do is go to the grocery store! Personally I find it really annoying that the Halloween candy is already out. Who needs to buy candy 2 months early? Is anyone worried about finding candy closer to Halloween? I mean, sure it will be Christmas candy but do trick or treaters really care? Actually it would be pretty funny to hand out Christmas candy at Halloween. Wouldn’t that be a cool trend to start?

    • Yeah, the candy is out early so that people will buy it, eat it, then have to buy more. But I know you can get Halloween candy right up till Halloween night, because I have frantically driven to the store in the midst of trick or treating, because I have been in fear of running out.

  2. Hi! A guy I date who is younger than I bought a bunch of ghost erasers, a skeleton hand with an acrylic candle in it and a pumpkin bobble head! His boys are 13 and 14. 😊
    I love holidays! 🌻🎃🌾


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