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No, I Do Not Have My Act Together

It is Wrist to Forehead Sunday indeed.  I have been alternately looking at my blank “Add New Post” page and scrolling down Facebook.  I can’t say I was looking for inspiration.  For one reason, I can write a blog post with inspiration (so those of you gearing up to give me a lecture on the hollowness of waiting for inspiration can just stand down).

The murder mystery last night went pretty well.  The audience enjoyed themselves and the actors had fun, too.  Now I plan to take a long break from theatre.  It is time to get my act together, clean my house, and write, write, write.  I mean more than silly blog posts and murder mysteries.

I confess, today was not the first day of Getting My Act Together.  Then again, I have never been able to accomplish much on a Sunday.  That is one reason I started having Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  The feeling that I ought to be getting something done but yet am not getting anything done is very distressing.

Wow, I am not even having an easy time writing a silly blog post.  Can I save the day with a monster picture?

“You say I look like whom?”

I downloaded this beauty a couple of days ago in case of just such an emergency.  It is Alec Guinness in The Lady Killers.  I have never seen the movie, although I hope to catch it sometime.  I love the picture, because I think he looks

like Nosferatu.  Regular readers know of my affection for Nosferatu.  I’ll have to watch that movie again soon.  I have it on two different DVD collections.

I guess that isn’t really a monster picture, so I’ll finish with a repeat.

“Just popped up to say hello!”

I have no idea who this handsome fellow is.  I must have downloaded him one day when I was trolling the internet for monster pictures. Get it?  Trolling?  Because a troll is a kind of a monster.  I know, you aren’t supposed to explain puns.  Cut me a break on Wrist to Forehead Sunday!


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  1. I was wondering how the murder mystery turned out. And every single Sunday I feel that I should be productive but just don’t seem to get a thing done. I so understand.


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