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More Movies on Wuss-out Wednesday

Yeah, it’s a bad blogging week.  I offer no excuses, but there it is.  At least I am making Wednesday’s post on Wednesday.  I thought I would look for pictures of the movies we are watching today.  I like movies.

Don’t they look fun?

When I got up from a nap (headache, what a surprise), Steven was watching A Mighty Wind, because of the good music.  I would really like to get the soundtrack of that sometime.

OK, I can’t find a picture of The Big Chill and I’m tired of looking.  That is the second movie we watched, because it also has a good soundtrack.  Then I could not think of a worthy direction to go, so I just kept suggesting movies I felt like watching till Steven agreed to Lake Placid.  I wonder if I can find a picture for that.

Now here’s a movie with some teeth.

Ah, I had some success with finding photos.  That is good, since I am having a problem coming up with more interesting words.

At least nobody is throwing a head at her in this shot.


One of my favorite aspects of the movie is the unlikely friendship that develops between Oliver Platt and the big-bellied sheriff.

Lake Placid is a surprisingly humorous monster movie, with likable characters and a few surprises in the plot.  I believe I have written about it at least once (what a surprise, I am too lazy to find the post and make a link).

I’ll call this a Wuss-out Wednesday post and take comfort from the fact that at least I didn’t wait and make it on Thursday. Happy mid-week, everyone.


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  1. I like the dog show movie “Best of Show” with the same wacky cast as “The Mighty Wind.” The movie called “Butter” reminds me of the same satirical tone. My friend, Karen likes “Portlandia.” It is quite amusing sets of skits.
    Is that Bill Pullman? I have always liked him, like in “While You Were Sleeping.” He plays a good man or the “good guy” often. I tend to go to a weird mix like last name from the library I chose “The Beguiled” and “Murder on the Orient Express.” I want to see if they can get “Maudie.”
    There’s a 13 or “12 Psychopaths” movie I thought you might like to see. “In Bruges” is good, too. Take care! 💕

    • “Best of Show” is another go-to movie for us. Yes, that’s Bill Pullman; we also love him in “Malice.” Did you see the old or the new “Murder on the Orient Express”? We love the old and are dying to see the new!

      • We saw the new one, my (married) girlfriend Jenny and I for my birthday in November. It is really good, even if the reviewers think it is old-fashioned, it has a couple of twists we had forgotten! Joan Cusack’s quirky character and an elderly man’s character were “fresh!” I didn’t mind Kenneth Brannaugh. Johnny Depp was unique with a different accent. None of this will ruin the plot or story line. . .
        I need to check out “Malice!” Thank you! 💗

  2. I’m not sure why but when I talk about my friend Jenny and call her my girlfriend, people think she is my “wife.” (?) Several people in my everyday life have heard me talk about men and how I am still trying to find someone to spend the rest of my life with. Maybe I didn’t need to tell you this bothers me. I have a good friend, Karen and her wife Susie. . . just rambling on, I suppose.


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