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So I waited till after the Doodah Parade to make my blog post and I don’t know why I did, because once again, I got nuthin’.  I didn’t even march in the Doodah Parade!  I rode in the truck.  Nobody else did.  They all marched, approaching onlookers to hand out cards with the Ilion Little  Theatre season printed on, pens stamped “Ilion Little Theatre”, and candy.

They were not allowed to throw the candy, by the way.  Apparently that has gotten out of hand, with children running into the street in an unsafe manner, seeking candy that did not get thrown far enough.  Considering the amount of candy I stepped on marching in last year’s parade, I think this was a good call.

Most of Ilion Little Theatre’s marchers this year were members of Young Actors’ Workshop (YAW).  I must say, I was impressed with the way those kids were handing out pens and cards.  Also, they looked cute.  Some had on YAW t-shirts but others were in costume.  I complimented the ones in costume, because I think that sort of thing ought to be encouraged.

Alas, I did not take any pictures of the parade.  We took a pre-parade photo, which was shared on Facebook.  Oh, I probably ought to try to find that and include in this post, oughtn’t I?

I’m the one underneath the umbrella.

You can’t read my sign, but it read, “Dorothea Doodah.”  That is the character I invented for the costume I finally came up with.  Alas, nobody got a picture of the full costume. But I had a fun time at the parade and now I have to get on with the rest of my weekend.  Happy Friday, everyone.


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  1. I’m playing catch up, so sorry sidetracked by oldest daughter moving. I helped yard sale, pack up and sort while we unpacked and lots of stuff since the move in date was 7/26. Smiles for the costume, Dorothea Doodah! xo

    • wow, busy! I hope your oldest daughter likes her new place. It was fun being Dorothea Doodah, I just wish I had gotten a better picture.

      • Oh, it is so funny!😁
        I had five grandies out with my son and DIL, it is a combination family. Anyway, First Friday has two blocks downtown closed, a grand older band playing, free hotdogs, (donations) all sorts of booths including facepainting. Did I get my own picture with a few adorable kids close by? Nope! 😊
        Maybe, next year you will resurrect Dorothea Doodah and get your husband to take a picture! (?)

      • Well, she is a pretty good character. I almost started writing a murder mystery featuring her

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