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Running with a Salad

As I was running this morning, I thought, “I’m going to have a Let Myself Off the Hook Day.”  I was headed towards the hill to Herkimer College and I did not feel like running up it.  Well, as it happened, I not only ran up it but continued uphill towards the buildings. I did not run all the way across campus but I ran further up than I have run previously this year.  So then I thought I would let myself off the hook by making two Running Commentary posts in a row.

And then I didn’t make a Running Commentary post.  I still could, I suppose, but I really prefer to make those sooner after the run, when it’s all still fresh in my mind.  Instead I waited while not doing much of anything else, which makes this a pretty typical Sunday for me.  The kind of Sunday I like, if you really want to know (and it is the kind of Sunday I like even if you do not want to know) (but really, I don’t see how the “kind of Sunday I like” rates a TMI).

In other words, here I am, making a Wrist to Forehead Sunday post.  It is not that I feel like whining today.  It is just that I feel too tired to do anything else.  I suppose I am feeling my age and need to lead a healthier lifestyle.  Running this morning was a good — wait for it — first step.  I shall go out to the kitchen and fix myself a salad for the upcoming week’s lunches.  Then I shall go back to sitting on the couch, crocheting and watching Snapped.  First I must think of a headline for this little bit of nonsense and hit Publish.  Happy Sunday, everyone.



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