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I Think Revivifying Is a Good Word

So I just had a cup of Oolong tea, thinking it was going to make everything better.  You see what I did just there:  I skipped all the whining about what needs to be made better.  Who wants to hear all that?  I don’t even want to type it.  Incidentally, by cup of tea, of course I mean mug.  I wanted enough tea to make a difference in my life. As I waited for the tea to steep, I started composing in my head either a blog post or Facebook status about how wonderful a hot cup of Oolong tea was.

Only it wasn’t.

Oh, it was a perfectly tasty cup of tea.  I enjoyed it.  However, it did not have the revivifying effect I sought.  Or as I usually put it, it was not the miracle I was hoping for.  And yet I must make my blog post before rehearsal for Who Shot JS? at six.  I guess it’s Non-Sequitur Thursday once again.

On lunch break at work today, I made a little progress on the blog post about the cheesy movie I mentioned yesterday.  In general I love to write about cheesy movies, or even regular movies.  Yesterday and today, however, I just wasn’t feeling it.  What the hell, me?  I turned some pages in the notebook (the spiral-bound, paper kind, not a computer) and wrote a couple of other things, but nothing for the blog. Sue me.

I just saw under “Trending” on Facebook that Don Rickles died.  That made me pretty sad.  I liked him. He was on an episode of Tales from the Crypt that I found quite entertaining.  And I used to watch that silly show CPO Sharkey.  Although I will say that I wonder what I would think of that show now.  I sometimes see re-runs of some of those shows I used to watch in the ’70s and I say, “Damn.”

OK, I have petered out of things to say and I can’t think of a headline.  Oh, what a long week this has been and how useless I have been the whole time!  I guess we can always hope for something better tomorrow.  Happy Thursday, everyone.


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  1. The part about seeing old shows you used to watch made me chuckle. I remember coming home and watching Dark Shadows and loved it! It’s on Netflix now and I didn’t even make it through the first episode haha!!


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