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Baby, Giraffe and Birthday Girl on a Melancholy Monday

I am having a kind of a melancholy Monday. But there is no point in dwelling on my stress and bringing my readers down or (even worse) boring them. In an effort to cheer myself and others up, I append this photo I found on Facebook.

I makes me feel happy just looking at it.

I shared it on my timeline a couple of days ago, just because I liked it so much.  Just now as I was looking for it, I came across a photo I shared today and say, “Hey!”

The birthday girl!

This is Edna, a resident at the Mohawk Homestead.  I drive by the Mohawk Homestead on my way home many days (there are two different ways to get home from my work and they are pretty much equidistant) ($4 word).  According to the post accompanying the photo, Edna is about to celebrate her 100th birthday, and her friends at the Mohawk Homestead are hoping she will get a lot of birthday cards.  I intend to send one.  If anyone else would like to do so as well, they may send a card to Edna c/o The Mohawk Homestead, 62 E. Main St., Mohawk, NY 13407, by April 12.

So now I have cheered myself up.  I looked at a picture of an adorable baby with a giraffe, I made plans to send a lady a birthday card.  This is good stuff!  Usually I like to include three photos, because, you know, third time’s the charm and all that.  But it is Monday, so let’s cut ourselves a break.  Hope to see you all on Tired Tuesday.


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