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Mental Health Monday?

People who whine and cry about their problems are tiresome.  Regular readers will recognize that as my usual preface to whining and crying.  The fact is, I am in a bad, bad space.   Can I find my way out of it?  Perhaps I can.  Or perhaps I have to spend some time in the bad space.

I am sitting on my couch with my sweet doggy Spunky snuggled up next to my leg.  He is not feeling well, and Steven and I are quite worried about him.  He has an appointment with the vet tomorrow, so we shall see.  But I feel happy that he decided to snuggle close to me right now.

I went running after work with the intention of making a Running Commentary post.  I expect I will be doing a lot of Running Commentary posts in the coming months, as I train for the Boilermaker 15K.  This will be good news for anybody who was hoping for a Running Commentary, because I don’t think I can manage one today.

And now I seem to have run dry.  That might be a good thing, if it means less whining and crying.  I don’t think I’ve been too bad so far (or do I flatter myself?), so perhaps I should just quit while I’m ahead.  We’ll call it a Blogger’s Sick Day, or maybe Mental Health Day.  That’s a thing, isn’t it?  I hope to see you all on Tired Tuesday.



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  1. You are allowed bad days and can complain all you want! I will still read it! I cry and complain all of the time. I hope tomorrow goes well with your furry friend!


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