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Nosferatu on Non-Sequitur Thursday

“I’m kind of in the middle of something here.”

I am sitting here at my laptop, trying to come up with something suitable for a Non-Sequitur Thursday post, and I thought I would look through our downloaded pictures, to see if anything sparked a thought.  Nothing did, but I do like this picture of Max Schreck as Count Orlok in Nosferatu, arguably the scariest movie every made (not that I want to argue about it; I always lose arguments).  I added the caption, or could you tell?

When I went to the Facebook page for Nosferatu, I immediately found another photo I liked:


I find the shadows eerie.  I feel there is a profound point to be made here about no shadows without light.  I think it is something I ought to keep in mind when I write fiction.  I’m afraid I’m not up to profundity this evening.  Let’s bear that thought in mind though, light and shadow.  If anybody else would like to write a blog post about it, please comment with a link to it.  I would be happy to read such a post.

I’m thinking he did not bring her coffee.

This was my Facebook cover photo for a while.  I include it, because I like to have three pictures.  Three is a good number, and not just because of three wishes and third time’s the charm.  It has other connotations, like Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau.  That, too, is a good subject for a future blog post.  Happy Thursday, everyone.



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  1. And like Moe, Shemp, and Larry.


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