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At Least I Used Pictures

So here I am on the last day of my fabulous four-day weekend, watching a movie I have seen many times before and thinking I had better make my blog post now, so I can get back to enjoying my day.  We did a few household chores, ran the necessary errands, and are on to the hanging out, movie watching portion of the day.

The first thing we watched was The Feud, Bette and Joan, which we DVR’d from… some cable channel.  I forget which (Steven is smoking in the basement, so I can’t ask him).  Susan Sarandon is Bette and Jessica Lange is Joan.  They are excellent!

Can you find “Nina”?

I love Hirschfeld, too.

I’ve been wanting to use this picture in a blog post.

Full disclosure:  I don’t know where this picture came from or who made these dolls.  My husband must have found it somewhere, because it was in our downloads.  He finds the best stuff of the internet!  I can never find a thing.

Guess which one looks like me before coffee.

After we saw The Feud, I wanted to see an old move, so we put in one of our all-time favorites The House on Haunted Hill, the original Vincent Price version from 1958, not the rather hideous remake, which we say but about which I do not much recall.

So here is my Monday post.  I don’t know that you could call it a Mental Meanderings, and I feel it is not a Middle-aged Musings, but I hope it is acceptable. And I hope to see you all tomorrow on Tired Tuesday (you think I won’t be tired after a four-day weekend?  I’m afraid you overestimate me).



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  1. Those dolls creeped me out lol!


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