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Friday Gyrations

I thought of that title as I drove away from work this afternoon.  I though to a brief description of the stops I planned might make a nice change from my usual Friday Lame Post.  We’ll see.

Steven and I have plans for this evening, so I did not want to spend hours running round.  However, I had said I would stop at Basloe Library to check their ongoing book sale for magazines such as might be good set dressing for Steel Magnolias.  I could have done that tomorrow morning, but I have some major running around planned for Saturday. Then I remembered that I still had not contacted the lady at New 2 You consignment shop to tell her I did not want the dress she was so nicely holding for me.  Yes, that is dreadfully inconsiderate of me.  I hang my head in shame.  Well, you know how it is:  when I thought of it, I wasn’t near a phone; when I was near a phone, I didn’t think of it.

So that was my first stop.  While there I also looked around for shawls or scarves that I MIGHT use to accessorize the dress that I MIGHT wear to be Ruby in Rubbed Out at Ruby’s. I did not find any, but I found a book that looks really good (I didn’t waste time looking at the books; this one just caught my eye) and a couple of long strings of beads.  You can’t have too many long strings of beads.  Ilion’s Dollar Store (I think it’s Dollar General; you know I’m never specific about dollar stores) is in that same area, so I stopped there as well.  I found some fake money, which I need for Ruby’s and for Magnolias, so that was good.

As long as I was in Ilion, I checked their library for a book sale.  They had one, but there were no magazines.  I didn’t even get to look at the books much (just as well), because a large person was kind of hogging the space (it was only a couple of small rolling racks).

At Basloe, I found a lot of magazines but not specifically what I was looking for.  I almost picked up a couple of magazine-looking recipe books for myself but after sternly reminding myself about all the recipe books, magazines and loose pieces of paper I currently have cluttering up my kitchen (and I usually just make something up anyways), I sadly put them back.

I did not get back home substantially later than I usually do.  Then I spent enough time futzing about on Facebook and puttering around the house that I am completely NOT ready to go out and Steven is due home any minute now. Yikes!  Well, at least I’ve made my blog post.  Happy Friday, everybody.


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