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Why I’m Fat

In lieu of my usual Middle-aged Musings Monday (or Monday Mental Meanderings, I guess), I would like to give a brief shout-out to a local business.  Yesterday, Steven, our friend Kim and I had a good meal at Asteroga Ale House in Herkimer, NY.

We had just left Little Falls, where we met with other members of LiFT Theatre Company to brainstorm about the interactive murder mystery we are doing at the Overlook Mansion in February.  I’ll write more about that later!  Theatre stuff always makes me work up an appetite.  OK, any little thing, including the mere passage of time, works up an appetite for me.  Be that as it may, I wanted to eat and dragged Steven and Kim along with me.

It was shortly before five p.m. when we walked in and easily found seats at the bar.  I like to sit at the bar.  We ordered drinks and perused the menu.  I got the special of 1/4 pound cheeseburger with curly fries.  Steven got a BLT sandwich with chips.  Kim, who generally eats light, ordered sweet potato fries.  While we waited for the food, we looked at a football game on the television and chatted about our upcoming theatre projects.

The food tasted really good.  I shared my fries with Steven but still chowed down on a lot of them myself.   This is why I have such trouble meeting my weight-loss goals.

The Asteroga Ale house is located at 122 W. Albany Street, Herkimer, New York, phone number (315) 219-5578.  You can Like them on Facebook.



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  1. I have been trying to eat a bigger breakfast and then have light snacks mid afternoon and early evening. I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight yet, but I find that for the most part my stomach is happier.

    • I try to eat more fruits and vegetable. The problem is I fight the weight off ounces at a time, but it goes back on two or three pounds all at once!

      • I wish I could eat more veggies! I actually can’t digest most of them and it makes me be in incredible pain and .. well…to put it delicately, I have to make many pit stops. The doctor is amazed that without my gallbladder I can eat all the greasy spicy food I want, but my system will no longer tolerate many vegetables. Only I could accomplish that lol!

      • Oh no, bummer! Even when they’re cooked? Then again, greasy spicy food. Yummm! I get a little ill after eating one of my favorite flavors, deep fried.

  2. Just reading this post makes me feel so hungry! Thanks for sharing, I will see what I can cook up from my fridge right now.

  3. I think the 1/4 lb cheeseburger sounds yummy! I like curly fries! xo


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