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Lame is Not Fair

Today is the Epiphany, and I certainly could use one.  You see what I just did there?  It is also Lame Post Friday, and I have a bit of half-baked philosophy to share.  I thought of this earlier in the week.

People love to say, “Life is not fair,” and it is certainly true.  However, this is not a license for you to do whatever the hell you feel like no matter who you hurt.  Sure, the universe seems unfair (bearing in mind that we can’t see the whole picture), but we as human beings can strive to be fair, equitable, or perhaps even unfair for the benefit of someone other than ourselves.

“Life is not fair,” it seems to me, refers to things like cancer, tornadoes, hair color, natural talent.  I will never be tall, willowy and have high cheekbones.  I will never have the opportunities enjoyed by people born to wealthy, well-placed parents.  However, other people will never have my ability to just sit down and tap out a blog post (lame or otherwise).  Other people will never enjoy the utter fun of having a spouse like my husband Steve.  All these things fall under the heading of “Shit happens.”

When you take the biggest piece of cake or the last beer in the fridge, turn around and say with a smirk, “Well, life isn’t fair,”  that does not make it all right.

There is probably a much more eloquent, well thought out essay to be written on this subject.  However, for Lame Post Friday, I’m going to call this good enough.  Do you suppose that’s fair?


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