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Is It Multi-Tasking to Vacation and Blog?

I have previously bemoaned the absence of Blogger Sick Days.  How about the absence of Blogger Vacation?  I am on vacation from my real job this week (also known as “shut down” in the factory world).  Why do I have to keep worrying about this silly blog?

Of course the short answer is that I don’t. For heavens’ sake, this is not a paid writing gig.  I don’t have a contract with anybody.  I daresay not a lot of people would even notice if I did not post every day (I like to think that some would).  The long answer is… perhaps not worthy of a blog post.  In fact, I’m not even sure if I know the long answer.  I only know another short answer:  I decided in my head that I would post every day, and that is what I do.

It has been quite a dreadful weather day in the Mohawk Valley today.  It snowed like the proverbial son of a bitch most of the day (a friend said on Facebook that it was “snowing like a bitch,” and I corrected her) (thus being both didactic and silly; who says I can’t multitask?).  I went out in it for stops at the library and grocery store, necessitating three times of brushing off my vehicle.  That’s a lot of snow. When I got home I shoveled the top layer of snow in my driveway.  Throughout the afternoon, I checked out the window occasionally as the sonofabitchy snow rendered my labor useless.

I did not get a whole lot else done.  I washed the dishes.  I cooked a pretty good dinner.  I encouraged local entrepreneurship by paying two young men to shovel my driveway after the snow had pretty much obliterated my earlier efforts.  They did a marvelous job.  Score!

And now I am going to think of a silly headline and call this a Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  I hope you’re all having a lovely week after Christmas.  Stay safe, if you are also getting hit with a lot of snow.


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  1. Fellow NYer here. The snow was a huge disappointment, I’m suppose to be at my parents house celebrating a late Christmas and instead I’m hoping to leave tomorrow and camping out on my couch watching Netflix.

  2. [ Smiles ] In a way it is a form of multitasking.

    If you are on vacation, you are supposed to be resting; unless you are blogging about your vacation.

  3. Now I am glad it doesn’t snow here … shoveling snow … haven’t done it in over 10 years!

    • I kept telling myself it was exercise, and the price I pay for living here and being a homeowner. Also I kept looking down the street at the bare trees against the grey sky. A bit of beauty surely lightens the load.


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