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Earlier today I posted on Facebook, “Let’s face it:  If it weren’t for the last minute, I’d never get anything done.”  I got more Likes on my earlier post of “Merry Christmas Eve Eve.”  I thought a friend of my sister’s had come up with Christmas Eve Eve back in the 1970s.  Imagine my surprise to see many people and businesses saying it today.  I guess it is the sort of thing anyone might logically come up with.  I may even have thought of it myself, if I hadn’t have heard Margaret say it first.

Anyways, welcome to Lame Post Friday.  I spent a good part of today running around trying to get my Christmas shopping done.  Is there a word that means, like, unorganized but really REALLY unorganized?  That’s me.  And I’m even worse lately.  I’m going to blame middle age and menopause (although this time of year those hot flashes can really come in handy).  I don’t know what my excuse has been up till now, but there is no point in dwelling on the past.

Every Christmas, it is the same thing:  big plans followed by deciding to be content with whatever I manage to get done.  It’s really not a bad way to celebrate the season.  As long as I get to spend some time with family and friends, see some Christmas decorations (I’m especially living for lights on people’s houses this year), hear some Christmas music (I recently discovered Pentatonix; great Christmas CD!), do a little something for somebody else, and maybe drink a little wine, I am reasonably content.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, my favorite day of the year.  Oh dear, now the pressure is on to enjoy it!  What’s that all about?  Can’t I just enjoy something? That’s too deep of a question to get into now.  I think I’ll have a little wine.  Merry Christmas Eve Eve, everyone.



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