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I Got My Drugs

Wednesday I did some Christmas shopping after work .  Only I don’t want to write about it, because I don’t want anybody guessing what I got them for Christmas or — even worse — getting their hopes up for something I didn’t get them.  However, I can mention one stop I made:  the Medicine Shoppe in Ilion, NY.

I had two prescriptions to pick up.  My doctor had sent one over after a telephone consultation.  The other was a refill I had called in this morning, using their handy automated service.  I shan’t say anything more about them, though, because, you know, HIPPA.

Since the new prescription had been the result of a phone thing, I still had a couple of questions (even when it’s not over the phone, I still don’t think of all my questions at the time).  When the lady checking me out asked if I had questions for the pharmacist, I said yes.  The pharmacist was extremely helpful and very nice.  They have a discreet little area to sit for consultations, so I did not have to worry about anybody hearing my business (they are probably not interested anyways, but you never know).

I was, as always, pleased with my transaction.  I heartily recommend the Medicine Shoppe in Ilion to anyone in the area in need of a pharmacist’s services.  I don’t think I am losing my Mohawk Valley Girl cred to say so, either, because Medicine Shoppe is a franchise. This one is locally owned and operated.  They are located at 10 Central Ave., Ilion, phone number 315-894-7283.



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