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There’s Always Someone!

For this week’s Middle-aged Musings Monday, I will attempt to reconstruct the post I wrote in my head last week and never used.  This is something I have long observed:  there is always somebody to tell you you are wrong.

If I donate to a charity, someone will tell me that my money won’t go to the cause, and anyways it’s the wrong cause, and we can’t really solve problems anyways.  If I do something for a societal or environmental purpose, someone will tell me of the dreadful ill effect my action will also have while not really doing all that much to help the intended purpose.  If I purchase any item with no ulterior motive, charitable, societal or otherwise, someone will tell me I spent too much.

And NOW I am waiting for somebody to say to me, “Why do you worry about what somebody else says?  I never do.”

So, you see, I am always wrong.  Additionally, I seem to be the sort of person that other people feel free to criticize.  I bet some of you are even as I type this gearing up to tell me to quit whining and just blog already.  Regarding that, well, I think I will just try to follow the earlier advice of not worrying about what other people say.



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