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Thankful No One Was Hurt

Oh dear!  Well, I had meant to write something quite different for a blog post, in fact had started something earlier.  However, I came home to find that something terribly upsetting had happened.  A local business burned down.

Ramar Liquor, which we have patronized numerous times, caught fire this afternoon.  Steven found out about it while it was happening, because he works at a nearby business.  Their parking lot was filled with smoke; you could even smell it in the store.  Customers told him they could see flames shooting up into the air.

Ramar was the first liquor store we knew about in Herkimer.  When we moved into the village, we realized our house was a comfortable walking distance from the store.  I believe I wrote a blog post about Walking with a Nefarious Purpose.  As recently as last month we took a stroll there on a Sunday afternoon.  It was a nice little family-run business.  I do spread my liquor dollar around (and try to give shout-outs to other stores as well), but Ramar’s was one I was always glad to patronize.

It was a great shock, therefore, when I arrived home this evening after a lovely Thanksgiving with family, and Steven asked had I heard about it. I had not.  I was surprised I had not, because I had looked at Facebook and I would expect people to post about such a thing.  After some looking, I found the WKTV video.

So I guess this is an odd post to make on Thanksgiving Day.  Then again, I did threaten a Non-Sequitur Thursday.  However, in the spirit of the day (Thanksgiving, I mean, not Non-Sequitur Thursday), I can think of one thing to be thankful for.  Hence, the headline.  Happy Thanksgiving, folks.


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