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At Least the Iced Coffee Tastes Good

Well, I wanted to make a better post today and even watched a cheesy horror movie I thought I could write about.  However, as the day wears on, I must admit that at my current age and level of health, I cannot have minor outpatient surgery with impunity.  I still feel like crap.  There, I’ve said it.

I paused just now and fixed myself a cup of iced coffee with the last of this morning’s pot.  Waste not, want not.  And, yes, I am allowed iced coffee.  I would prefer hot coffee or tea, but ice is better for me.  If only I could have a glass of wine over ice, my quality of life would improve.  Oh well, all things in time.

On the brighter side, I feel less crappy than I felt yesterday.  It is reasonable to predict that I will feel less crappy yet tomorrow.   And you thought I was going to spend this entire post whining (you know you did, don’t lie to me).   I thought it too and am agreeably surprised at myself.

Normally I could have a Scattered Saturday post, but, well, all I’ve done today is finish reading one book, start reading another and watch that silly movie (not in that order).  I may yet write about the movie (preview of coming attractions).   I have some other silly movies to watch, so perhaps I will move on to that.  For one reason, I can get more crocheting done, and sooner or later I’ll write about one of these movies.  Happy Saturday, everyone.



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