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Pop Goes the Lame Post

I seem to remember doing a not too contemptible post while waiting for my husband to get me ice cream.  Today he is bringing me popsicles, which apparently I do not know how to spell.

Popsickles.  popsikles. pop sic cles.  Oh dear. popcicyles?  The box just says “Assorted Pops.”  What a way to weasel out of that one!

It is Lame Post Friday, and I am not going to take any more of that pain medication!

Now is when I greatly regret every Blogger’s Sick Day I’ve ever taken.  Who knew I would one day feel worse?  Oh, I know, YOU probably did, you just know everything, don’t you?  Incidentally, that popsycle was not the miracle cure I was hoping for.   Still, it didn’t taste too bad.

I don’t mean to be so tiresome, going on about my woes.  In fact, I begin to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel.  Few bad things last forever.  I would say nothing bad lasts forever, but it is a well-observed phenomenon that bad things have greater staying power than good things.  Heeeeyyyy!  I think that counts as a random observation AND half-baked philosophy, which, regular readers may recall, are my favorite components of Lame Post Friday.

And it got me just over 200 words. Score!  I call that good.  If only I knew how to spell popcicle, my life would be perfect.



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