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In My Defense, I’m Still on Pain Meds

While scrolling around Facebook earlier and wondering in a vague sort of way what I could come up with for a blog post (it is too tiresome to explain why I cannot be out having Mohawk Valley adventures), I happened to mention in a comment that I wrote poetry about my co-workers in a past work situation.  Someone asked if they were available online.  I said no, but perhaps they would make a good blog post for a Non-Sequitur Thursday.  My readers will be the judge of that.

I began with an attempt at a Haiku.  Now, I have read that one does not have to be married to the five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables rule, on account of English being quite a different language from Japanese.  Still, I got dinged on it by other co-workers.  Everybody’s a critic!  And now I realize I cannot remember that poem in its entirety.   Come on, Cindy, it’s three lousy lines!  I think I will have better luck with the rhyming ones.


There was a frame stylist named Ro

Who didn’t have very much dough.

She went back to college

to get some more knowledge.

And then she would not be so po.


My husband helped me on that one.  The next one, which I like a little better, I came up with on my own, based on actual events.


There once was a lab tech named Wayne

Who liked to drink too much champagne.

He said, “I feel fine!

I would like some more wine!”

But it drove his fiance insane.


I was going to change the names, and put them in quotes, like the writers-in to Dear Abby do, but I needed to rhyme.  I hope I am not putting myself at risk for a libel suit.  Then again, what’s wrong with being broke and occasionally drinking too much wine?  And I only used first names.  Every Wayne and Ro on the internet could sue!  Ah, they wouldn’t get much anyways.  I’m so po, I buy cheap champagne!



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