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In My Defense, I Have a Headache

OK, this is what happened to me today.  I was supposed to be helping decorate the Overlook Mansion in Little Falls, NY, for their Dia de los Muertos themed fall celebration.  Several members of LiFT, the Little Falls Theatre Company, are participating.  Well, I decided I could not do it.  I have too many issues (and not back issues of Playboy).  Or maybe I’m too big of a baby.  Reasons are so tiresome.

A work friend had told me about this wonderful display of vintage movie costumes at Sangertown Mall, outside of Boscov’s, the new department store there.  I guess it is part of Boscov’s Grand Opening.  Steven and I LOVE old movies.  We wanted to go see.  Steven would have preferred to go on Thursday, but there is snow in the forecast.  So we went today.  I took a few pictures with our Tablet, in hopes of writing a blog post about it.

Additionally, I began writing a blog post while at work today, about the Outlook’s Day of the Dead.  I thought it would be nice to give them a shout-out, even if I do not take part.  Regular readers may also remember that I had hoped to go running after work and write about that.  Well, I did not do that, because then we never would have made it to the mall.

I’m seeing all these possibilities for blog posts and here I sit typing off the top of my head and doing it  quickly, because I want to go lie down.  I did mention that I have issues and that I’m a big baby, didn’t I? So I’m calling this a Wuss-out Wednesday, and I hope, as usual, to come up with something better tomorrow.  In the meantime if anybody wants to find out more about the event at the Overlook, I refer you to their Facebook event.  For more information on the costume display, I refer you to the Boscov’s (New Hartford) Facebook page.  As always, thank you for playing.



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