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Waiting for What?

I was at the doctor’s office this afternoon.  I won’t get into why because, you know, HIPPA and all.  Nothing serious or even particularly interesting. But I need a blog post and it is Tired Tuesday, so here we go.

They decided to do an EKG (is that how you spell it?  I mean, are all three letters capitalized?  I don’t know from medical terms).  The machine decided to give the nurse a little trouble (yes, I think of machines as sentient beings who delight in tormenting hapless humans).  It would not give a good reading.  I just lay there on the table with all those little wires taped to my body, trying to catch a nap.

The nurse said the machine kept saying, “Waiting for good data.”  I flashed on Waiting for Godot but did not know if she would get the theatrical reference so did not say anything.  I repeated “Waiting for good data” in my head several times, so I could use it in a Facebook post.  I decided to use it here instead.  I hope somebody was amused.

The last thing I had to do was let them draw blood.  I remarked to the phlebotomist that the blood was very seasonal, but she was not amused.  Come to think of it, she was a little cadaverous-looking herself, very thin with large eyes and a dead serious expression.  I’m sure she was not a vampire, because sunlight was coming through the window.  It wouldn’t matter that it was a cloudy day, would it?  I’m not up on all the vampire rules.

Oh dear, do you suppose I could get in trouble for making vampire jokes about a local phlebotomist?  She was a very good phlebotomist; I barely felt the needle go in.   And she wasn’t really cadaverous-looking.  I just threw that in for effect.

This is what happens on Tired Tuesday.  I get a little punchy.  But I see I have managed over 300 words, so let’s call it a post and move on.  I hope to go running tomorrow, so maybe I can write a post about that.



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  1. I’m so happy I found this post for several reasons:
    1. I happen to do EKG’s and take blood for a living! I like to call myself a professional vampire sometimes but people just kind of stare at me all weird and don’t get it. So I laugh by myself, and that makes them look at me even weirder.
    2. Yes, you did spell EKG right. It can also be spelled ECG if you’re liking C better than K some days.
    3. The blood being seasonal comment actually made me laugh out loud. If a patient said that to me I would probably laugh uncontrollably but I would hope they wouldn’t say it while I was poking them with the needle because I wouldn’t be able to control myself from laughing and probably poke them even harder with the needle and cause them to bleed and cry and I would probably lose my job and that wouldn’t be fun for anyone.

    • Thank you for this comment! I think it is great for you to call yourself a professional vampire. Most of my friends would totally get that and appreciate having their blood drawn by a vampire with a sense of humor. The needle was already in my arm when I made my little joke, but if I ever got poked too hard from making someone laugh, I would know it was my own fault and not let them lose their job. Anyways, I’m such an approval junky, if somebody laughs at my joke, I think pain is a small price to pay! I’m glad you enjoyed my blog.


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