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Wrist to Review

I must begin to get ready soon for the closing performance of Splitting Issues, the play I am in at Ilion Little Theatre.  I think it would be a good idea to publish my blog post before I leave.  For one reason, after the show we have to strike the set, then we have the cast party.  Who knows when I’ll be home?  And then Steven will want to get on the computer, because he is at work right now while I am sitting here on my fat butt, on the computer.  Only I am not feeling well, and there are a few other useful things it would be really nice to get done, and my brain can’t seem to settle on a blog topic.

Sounds like Wrist to Forehead Sunday to me.

I know, first world problems.  Don’t you hate that expression?  It’s a snarkier way of saying quitcherbitchin’ (that’s all one word, isn’t it?), and I feel it is snarky enough to discount somebody else’s complaints.  Then again, I do complain too much and should, in fact, quit my bitching (I think it’s funnier when I put the g back in).  So let’s get back to the blog post and stop talking about me (oh wait, it’s  personal blog; it is supposed to be about me).

Splitting Issues has gone splendidly, by the way.  We sold out Friday night and had an almost full house Saturday.  Both audiences were very appreciative.  There is just nothing like hearing that laughter when you are on stage trying to be funny.  I LOVE live theatre!  Paul Boehlert reviewed Friday night’s peformance in Sunday’s Utica OD.  The review was published online Saturday.  A cast member found it on her phone and read it to us.  It was a great review. And it mentioned me and Steve!

Here is the link, in case you’d like to read the review for yourself:

In the meantime, I’m over 300 words.  I call that respectable.  Happy Sunday, everyone.



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