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Lame Picture Friday?

So there I was, trying to make a Friday Lame Post and not being very successful at it.  I actually wrote something earlier, but I did not finish and it wasn’t all that great anyways (I know, when is it ever?  But one does what one can).  In desperation, I took my dog, Spunky, for a walk.  I thought, “I don’t care how short of a walk; I’ll do a Pedestrian Post!”

So about a block and a half from the house (which, incidentally, was about as far as Spunky wanted to go), I was admiring the grey, gloomy day, thinking how it suited my mood, wondering how best to describe it, when I remembered, this blog has photos now!  I could post some lame photos!  This would be great!  Of course many things do not turn out to be as great as we hope, but you’ll have that.  Once we got home, I grabbed the tablet and went back outside.  Steven had been wanting to get a picture of his Halloween porch anyways.

20161021_165317I stood across the street to get the whole porch.  I hoped our monster tree was not blocking everything, but I think it is OK.  After all, a monster tree fits right in with the season.  I thought perhaps I could get a better shot of just the tree, because it is kind of unusual.


Next I wanted to get a close-up of our newest decoration, the delightful witch we got at Pumpkin Junction (perhaps you read my blog post about it).


Finally, I thought I would include a shot of some of nature’s own Halloween decorations, namely what happens to one’s Black-eyed Susans at the end of the season.

20161021_165514Hmm… I’m not sure how wonderful my photos are, but I’m working on it, and I feel this is definitely better than more whining about how I just can’t make a decent blog post.  And after all, who doesn’t like a picture of a witch?



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  1. That is an odd tree, indeed!


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