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What a moron I am!  Or as Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon!  What a Ta-ra-ra-GOON-dee-yay!”  I started writing a real post, about an authentic Mohawk Valley Adventure Steven and I had yesterday.  It isn’t bad. I could have finished it.  BUT, I wanted to add pictures!

Regular readers have probably noticed I never use pictures.  I could rationalize that with something like, “I’m all about the WORDS,”  but that is only what I say to make myself feel better about my lack of technological finesse. I think sometimes pictures are nice.  I like to see them in other blogs.

So we got a tablet some time ago and learned to take pictures on it.  Much later, we learned how to email them, then how to share them to Facebook.  I’m thinking it will not be too difficult for me to take one more step and put a photo or two on the old blog.

So yesterday at Pumpkin Junction, I took some pictures.  Today I shared them to Facebook.  Then I went to Facebook and downloaded them.  I’m pretty sure all I need to do now is hit where it says “add photo” and it will give me the option to get the photo from my downloads.  It really shouldn’t be too much problem, even given my vast reserves of incompetence.

However, and here we get to the real typical me, Steven and I have to leave soon for dress rehearsal for Splitting Issues, the play I believe I have mentioned before.  Opening night is Friday.  It is long past time for this blog to go All Splitting Issues All The Time.  However, I hope tomorrow to give my shout-out to Pumpkin Junction.  With pictures.  I hope you’ll stay tuned.


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  1. You can do it! We want pictures.


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