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Prayer Shawl and Pork Dinner

All week as I drove by Trinity Lutheran Church, on the corner of German and Henry streets in Herkimer, NY, I had been noticing a sign for a Roast Pork dinner on Oct. 14 from 4:30 to 6:30.  I did not think I would go, though. Pork isn’t really my favorite, we’ve been eating out too much anyways, Steven probably worked till 6:30 or something stupid… etc. etc.

Then today, as I drove by on my way home, I remembered something: I needed a prayer shawl blessed.  Father Abe, the pastor at the church in Chadwicks that I go to, when I go to church (I CANNOT remember what saint or saints the church is named for; my bad), is having some health problems. I heard about them two Sundays ago, when I went to church.  Father Abe has blessed a couple of prayer shawls for me for other people, so I thought it would be quite appropriate for me to bring one to him.  I did not feel I could ask him to bless his own prayer shawl so was wondering what to do.

I could only hope the pastor would be at the dinner.   I thought I would have the best chance if I showed up early, so shortly after 4:30, I walked to the church, which is very close to where I live. Oh, did it smell good!  I began to re-think my dinner plans.  I walked in and explained to the lady at the table what I wanted.  Another lady who I knew from Coffee with a Cop was standing right there and introduced me to Pastor Ann.  She blessed the shawl with a lovely prayer.

When they asked me was I also going to eat, I said I may return with my husband, if he was into it.  He only worked till 5:30, as it turned out.  He was totally into it.

We had a WONDERFUL dinner!  Roast pork, baked potato, squash, roll, apple sauce and dessert.  YUM!  On the table were little cards that said, “Save the date: next dinner Nov. 11, 2016, Ham and Scalloped Potatoes, Trinity Lutheran Church, 443 Henry St., Herkimer, NY”.  I took one, saying I would write a blog post and mention it.  I will also save the date.


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  1. You have a lot more fun than I do. Get your spare room ready ’cause I’m moving in! 🙂

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