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Fake Friday Lame Post

How about Lame Post Friday on a Wednesday?  For one reason, it is late in the day, I am tired, and it is like a Friday for me because I do not work for the next five days.  Ha ha, that is three reasons.  How lame is that?  I could even say it’s eight reasons, if I count each of the five days I don’t work as a reason (or it could be seven, depending on how you count; I was never good at math).

Traditionally Lame Post Friday is the home of random observations and half-baked philosophy.  I am currently not-so-randomly observing my dog, Spunky, frantically pawing his afghan on the couch.  He comes dangerously close to the edge of the couch.  Then he stops his pawing to look at Steve.  Spunky is happy we are home.  We were out running an errand and grabbing dinner.

Tomorrow we leave for Vermont for a long weekend visiting family.  It should be very beautiful this time of year.  I love Vermont as well as, of course, our family.  And who doesn’t love days off work?  (Oh, I know, there are some who do not, but I am not of their number).  Will I be able to make my blog posts?  Let’s hope so.

And that leads us to some half-baked philosophy (as this is Fake Lame Post Friday).  Should bloggers take vacation?  Since blogging is (for me at least) a fun hobby, wouldn’t taking days off of blogging be NOT a vacation?  Discuss amongst yourselves.  Happy Wednesday AND Friday.



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