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Fuzzy Head, Foolish Post

Oh crap, look at the time.  I wasn’t going to have any lame posts this week.  I was going to write GOOD stuff for my readers (if any).  I tried to write on breaks at work today but it did not go so well.  I tried again as I sat in the doctor’s waiting room.  It went even worse.  All I could do was sit there and write about how I couldn’t write because my head felt so fuzzy.  Oh, sorry, I really did not mean to bring my health woes into this.  Change the subject.  New paragraph.

It is a three day week for me, because I am taking an extra long weekend. Woohoo!  You realize, of course, that this makes today like a Wednesday.  Wuss-out Wednesday!

What a weird day anyways.  My doctor’s appointment was in New Hartford at 3:45, which meant I left work at three (the usual time) and drove through late afternoon Utica traffic.  Rush hour was still rushing when I drove home, taking a different route from how I usually go.  Of course, Mohawk Valley rush hour is not nearly as grueling as other rush hours.  Really, it was very little problem, except for the fuzzy head thing I alluded to earlier.

Before going home I stopped at the grocery store, where I saw that rainbow peppers were on sale — This Week Only!  I had to buy some.  Then I had to cook them tonight, to make sure they got cooked.  Could I write a cooking post about what I made?  Not tonight.  Fuzzy head, remember?  Wuss-out Wednesday, remember?  Tomorrow I’ll fight the fuzz and try to come up with something better.



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  1. I hope your fuz head goes away fast! Well, that didn’t sound right. FUZZY head. There.


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