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The Best Lame Plans…

Have I used that headline before?  I’m too lazy to go back and check.  Also, I am feeling distressed because I have gotten no Likes on my last two posts.  I know, I shouldn’t be such an approval junky.  I’m sure there are many people who disapprove of my need for approval.  Then again, I write a blog that goes out over the Internet for people to read and, I hope, be entertained by. When people hit Like, I know I have succeeded.  I mean, why write a blog if nobody is going to read and enjoy it?  If I’m only writing it for me, why not scribble it in a notebook that I hide away forever?

By the way, today is definitely Lame Post Friday.

It has not been a bad week for me, but for some reason it has felt so long.  I could swear they snuck in an extra day or two somewhere.  At the very least, it’s been 72 minutes per hour some hours.  Yes, yes, here I am whining again, as I keep saying I’m not going to do any more.  Quick, Cindy, counterbalance it with something positive.  It’s Friday and I don’t work Saturday!  And my husband is home!  And it’s fall!

I have a million and one things to do tomorrow.  Oh, OK, not quite that many.  But at least 8,479 choices of things I MIGHT do.  Go running, write post cards, walk to the post office, go to the library, finish the murder mystery I’m writing, start a new novel OR find one of the many I have not finished and continue working on it, watch Halloween movies, crochet, knit… Oh, and pet my dog, cook something good for supper, make a salad with some tomatoes and cucumbers I bought two days ago, call my parents (oh dear, are they going to read this and feel bad that I didn’t mention them sooner?  Sorry, Mom and Dad, I love you!).

While typing all that in, I was slipping back and forth to Facebook and making plans to meet a friend and go to a wine tasting at a local liquor store tomorrow.  So that is one thing planned.  How many of the other things can I fit in and when?  A little uncertainty adds spice to my weekend.   Happy Friday, everybody.



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  1. Start with the wine and anything else you accomplish is gravy.

  2. This has been kind of a long week! For me, the days were not bad, just very long. I have no idea why.


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