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Writing and Weather on Wuss-out Wednesday

It is the last day of Summer, and quite frankly it does not feel as if Summer is going anywhere.  I say this in a perfectly neutral manner, because I know that some people enjoy warm weather while others are anxious for Fall.  I say it at all, because, again quite frankly, I got nuthin’ else.  I would say, “Oh, that’s OK: it’s Wuss-out Wednesday,” but I have had so many foolish posts lately, I feel abashed.

I spent part of my day at work trying to think of what I could write a blog post about.  However, I spent more time thinking about the murder mystery I started to write.  I am in the midst of inventing characters and backstories. Murder mystery characters are especially fun to write, because everybody has many secrets.  I’m sure there are people who will pipe up with, “EVERYBODY has secrets!”  Well, I am not going to argue with imaginary people today.  I had fun writing my murder mystery characters, that is all.

As you may guess, I had more success with the characters than with ideas for the blog post.  Additionally, I spent another day with that coating of sweat that has been a permanent part of my wardrobe for months now.  I mention that not in a complaining spirit, but as a continuation of my earlier weather report.  So I have given you a brief report on my weather and my writing.  I find that, and my headline, properly alliterative.  I hope to see you all on the non-alliterative Non-Sequitur Thursday.  I wonder if I can fit in a Mohawk Valley adventure to write about between now and then.



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