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W(h)ine on Wuss-out Wednesday

I thought an iced coffee would help, I really did. Sometimes eating ice cream helps.  Sometimes eating dinner helps.  Sometimes nothing will help but yet I must just sit down and make my goddam blog post.

Welcome to Wuss-out Wednesday.

Sorry, folks, but the bad posts continue.  I typed the above before I had to go pick up Steven at work.  Actually, I still had to shower and get dressed.  It took me a LONG time to get dressed (that is, almost ten minutes, I think), because I have a lousy wardrobe.  I have a lot of clothes but most of them don’t fit, don’t go together or are unwearable at the moment for all sorts of stupid reasons.  I put together a not unreasonable outfit and thought that would make a good blog post.  Unfortunately, I had not time.

And isn’t that ironic?  I did something I thought I could write a blog post about, but because I did it, I did not have time to make the blog post.  Am I the only one who finds that striking?  Perhaps I am.

So why am I not writing that blog post now?  Did I not mention this is Wuss-out Wednesday?  In fact, when I picked up Steven, I pointed out my fun little outfit and said if he wanted to go get something to eat, we could.  I fully expected him to say he just wanted to go home and relax, but dinner sounded good to him.  We ended up at Jamo’s, where they had a Date Night special going on which included a carafe of wine.

Yes, I have sipped and typed before (a carafe is only two glasses apiece; I did not tie one one, so stop making that unbearably superior smirk at me) (you know who you are).  Today I am tired.  That is three days in a row of being tired!  I think I need a different approach.  I’ll work on it tomorrow, on Non-Sequitur Thursday, when I will try not to wine so much.



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