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Trying to Get Back on Track

My plan for the week had been to write a more detailed post about each Mohawk Valley adventure from my Scattered Saturday.  I was going to be a Good Writer and write on my breaks at work.  Did I really think I was going to do that?  I bet some of you didn’t, you doubters, you!  OK, doubters who were 100 percent correct in this case.  You may congratulate yourselves but don’t get too smug about it, that’s obnoxious.

Where was I?  Ah yes, attempting a blog post about one of my adventures from this past Saturday.  Going in chronological order, I should start with a Running Commentary.  It had actually been my plan to make the Running Commentary before beginning the other adventures, but, well, in my defense, I wrote postcards instead.  People like to get postcards from me.

So I had not been running for a couple of weeks (who’s counting?) (in fact, I cannot exactly count, because I know I ran one time between July 30, when I made my last entry in the Running Journal, and Saturday, but I do not know what day that was) (it does not matter if that is a run-on sentence, because it is a parenthetical comment).  My legs had been aching all week in a most unprecedented fashion.  I did not know what was wrong but suspected it was lack of activity (although I have been working on my feet all day most days, so go figure).  It is so annoying.  My leg ache because I don’t run, and I don’t feel like running because my legs ache.

Just a short run, I told myself.  Maybe a nice walk.  Just move your legs.  I didn’t do it Friday night.  For one reason, we were having people over, and I had to chop vegetables.  I would do it Saturday morning.  I woke up with a headache.  That should not matter; I often have a headache these days.  I could still run.

First I had coffee.  Two cups.  They perked me up considerably.  I got my running gear on and took off, making copious mental notes for the Running Commentary I was sure to write later.

And as you can see, I still have not written it.  The run went pretty OK, I guess.  I ran again on Sunday.  My legs ached less today.  Unfortunately, my head problems remain.  I’m thinking it is the dreaded fall allergies.  My head is spinny and vague (yes, I mean “spinny” and not “spinning,”  I am not vague on that point), and I do not feel capable of writing any more of a blog post.  However, I see I am over 400 words.  400 good words?  Oh, since when have I worried about that?  Let’s just call this a Monday Mental Meanderings and move on.


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