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Scattered Saturday Blog Postte

Earlier today I had thought to write a post beginning, “We interrupt these Mohawk Valley adventures to make a Scattered Saturday post…”  But I was continuing my adventures so was afraid the post would be incomplete.  So I continued my scattered gyrations and now interrupt the wine drinking portion of the evening to make my post.

Just kidding.  I’m not interrupting my wine drinking; Steven just brought me another glass.  To anybody who objects to such alcohol-related activities, sorry.  This is the way I roll.

Steven has a rare weekend off, and we slept in this morning to nearly 6:30.  I wasn’t even going to run (which I have not been doing in any case; more about that in the next Running Commentary post) but reconsidered after two cups of coffee.  I took a short run, then a good shower, put on a cute outfit and called my mother.  Then I wrote some postcards.  I have been dreadfully remiss about my postcard writing in recent weeks.  I finally wrote some last Sunday so was happy to be doing so again today.

Eventually, Steven and I made it out the door to get some breakfast.  I was quite hungry.  We first stopped by the post office (to mail the post cards) and the ATM to get some cash, then it was on to Ilion.  I wanted to eat at Farm House Restuarant, right across from The Medicine Shoppe (I always have to dash over to Facebook to check if it’s “Shop” or “Shoppe”), where I had a couple of prescriptions to pick up.  Can you believe Farm House was closed today only?  So it was.  We drove on to Frankfort for a great meal at The Knight Spot (here’s a point to ponder next Lame Post Friday: why is it always “Spot” and not “Spotte”?).

From there we went to Hummel’s Office Plus (“Plusse”?) to purchase a birthday present and card for a friend.  Their Halloween stuff was out already. Yay!  We love Halloween!  There are several things I may stop back and purchase.  What’s a few more Halloween decorations among friends?  They nicely wrapped the present for us, so we had something really nice looking to give our friend.

We put in an appearance at the party, enjoying a little coffee and short visit with our friend, then went on to New Hartford, where we wanted to catch Florence Foster Jenkins, starring one of my favorites, Meryl Streep.  We got there early so stopped in at Uno Pizzeria and Grill (Steven thought it was “Grille” not “Grill”, but I checked on Facebook and it’s “Grill”) for a drink.  We were so pleased by the service and ambience that we came back for snacks after the movie.

The movie, by the way, is WONDERFUL.  Meryl Streep is such a goddess. Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg are quite delightful as well.  I don’t usually do good movie reviews (preferring to stick with the cheesy variety), but I may reconsider the policy.

I believe that bring us up to the present moment.  We are back home, enjoying a little more wine and deciding between sitting on the deck and popping a movie into the DVD.  Or looking for a true crime show on cable television.  After all, anything can happen on Scattered Saturday (“Saturdayye”?).


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  1. Sir Jack James Wildman

    It’s so nice to hear Sir Steven has a day off. I also enjoy the night “spot” or spotte? Well anyway, thanks for the share. It’s always fun and rare.


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