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Oh I Can’t Publish This!

I already wrote a post called “When in Doubt, Eat Ice Cream.”  That is the situation I am in now.  I got nuthin’ and I’m about to eat ice cream, hoping it will help.

This time I only got three sentences typed before the ice cream was ready.  It worked better last time.  At least the ice cream tasted pretty good.

I am still having the damnedest time writing anything.  In fact, I am having a difficult time doing anything.  My entire being just wants to sit and stare into space.  Or better yet, lie down and stare at the ceiling.  Maybe at the television.  I think I could bestir myself to the point of reading a really trashy paperback.

And THAT was when our wi-fi quit.  I don’t properly understand technology, as regular readers (if any) know.  We are apparently back on-line now.  If only it was so easy to get my brain in gear!

Oh, I can’t publish this.

I typed in the above before I had to hurry away to a committee meeting for Ilion Little Theatre.  It is a committee exploring online ticket sales. Full disclosure:  I had a couple of glasses of Pinot Noir during the meeting.  I figured, we drink during ILT dinner meetings, why not a little libation during a committee meeting?

So it turns out I can so publish this.  The crappy posts continue! A warning:  it may not get much better tomorrow.  I have a performance of Much Ado About Nothing at six, so I will be leaving my house before five.  Oh dear, how embarrassing.  Unfortunately, I do not see how I can avoid it.  We’ll call this a Wuss-out Wednesday, and I am going to hit Publish.



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  1. A very liberating libation indeed. I really think it is the ice cream that freshens the prose. Who knows…do they make “winecream” interesting research potential….. Update on banana play in order.


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