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Rainy Wrist to Forehead Sunday

My original title was “Lousy Sunday Afternoon.”  You know, because yesterday was “Lazy Saturday Afternoon.”  But once I typed it, I just didn’t feel like being that way.  Steven had suggested “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head.”  I typed that in, wrote the first three sentences of this post, then thought of what I used.  Unless I change my mind before I hit publish, in which case I will change the preceding sentence.

I am back from rehearsal for Much Ado About Nothing.  We met at the Utica Zoo, where we have a performance Aug. 8 as part of Utica Monday Night.  It was raining.  I brought an umbrella but had missed the text or email (technology mystifies me) that said we were not doing costumes.  I was in my Second Watch costume.  I took off the shirt (I had on a camisole underneath) and my black socks, changing my clogs for the sandals I wear as the Friar.  Then I put on some earrings I had in my purse.  As long as I wasn’t supposed to be in costume.

The rain got heavier and lighter as rehearsal started.  Some of us stood on stage with our umbrellas, acting.  We felt all method in one scene, where a character mentioned it was drizzling rain.  A few zoo patrons were also braving the weather.  We cordially invited them all back tomorrow.  My main problem is there was no dry place to sit down when I did not have to be on stage.  Also, I was pretty sure the stuff in my bag were getting wet, although that seemed better than standing there holding a heavy bag for hours.  I was not sorry   when rehearsal was over.  It is certainly more pleasant to rehearse in more agreeable weather.  Still, the show must go on.

The play seems to be coming together very well.  I cordially invite all my readers to our performance at the Utica Zoo.  It is at 6 p.m., free with zoo admission.  For details look for the Facebook event.  And have a Happy Rainy Sunday.

One small note:  This is an updated post.  When written earlier today, the event was scheduled for tomorrow, Aug. 1.  It has since been rescheduled to the 8th due to weather concerns. Sorry for any confusion.



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