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Pre-Road Trip Run

Today will be another post made in haste (posthaste?), because I must get ready to travel to Syracuse for a nephew’s graduation party (or “gragitation” as I like to call it).  We are staying overnight and must bring our doggy to the Velvet Dog, which also does pet sitting.  I haven’t packed!  I don’t know what to wear!  Was I supposed to bring wine?  It’s a wrist to forehead situation.  I don’t really feel as stressed as those words imply.   A good, hard run often has a great calming effect.

I foolishly did not run all week.  I hope to be better organized in the coming week, because I really do not like taking five days off.  However, I walked in the Doodah Parade yesterday, which was probably a couple of miles, so that was something.  And I had a good run today, so yay me.

It was almost 5:30 by the time I got on my way, but the sun is up by then this time of year.  I took a bottle of water with me and headed toward Herkimer College.  I’m thinking running with a bottle of water in one hand is the wrong thing to do, but sometimes I do not want to risk dehydration.  So I took the occasional sip as I ran and pondered my options.  Sunday I had meant to take an easy-ish run in the suburbs (that’s what I call the residential area behind Valley Health) and ended up running one of the biggest hills in the area.  I thought in comparison to that, running up to the college the front way would not be a bad Saturday run.

Being me (which is something I cannot avoid), I changed my mind several times as I headed out German Street.  Eventually I decided to go up to the college the back way.  Not as steep but longer.  Steep enough, I decided as I ran it.  It is a pleasant road, with woods on either side and a brook on one.  I could hear the brook talking to me.  It said, “What are you doing, going uphill?  Go downhill, like me!  Look how fast I’m going!”  Then the trees said, “No, no, go toward the sun, like us!  We don’t go anywhere, but look how beautiful we are!”

I knew I was being fanciful, but there was a thought:  You don’t have to run to be beautiful.  Was I running to be beautiful?  I was hoping that running would help me lose weight, which I feel will improve my appearance.  However, that was not my major motivation.  I was running to get in good shape to run the DARE 5K in August.  And I was running because I LIKE to run!  I love to run!  Running is fun!

I did enjoy my run.  I saw three deer as I headed down Lou Ambers Drive.  Pretty, and they move far more gracefully than I do.  Well, we all work with what God gave us.  I finished my water before I got to the spring so stopped for a re-fill. I did not sip too much after that.  For one reason, I wasn’t very thirsty.  Also, I like to save some of the spring water for Steven.

Our Saturday now stretches before us, no doubt to be filled with adventure (Mohawk Valley or otherwise).  Run done, blog post published.  I think I’m off to a good start.  Happy Saturday, everyone.



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