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Pre-preview Performance Post

I wonder if I can think of a few more “p” words to add to the headline before I hit Publish (ooh, there’s one).  You know how I love alliteration.

Welcome to another post in All Much Ado All The Time.  As longtime readers (if any) may have noticed, this blog periodically becomes All (something) All The Time.  I’ve had All Boilermaker All The Time, All DARE 5K All The Time and All (whatever play I’m involved in) All The Time.  Astute readers (and I’m sure you all are that) will have noticed that it isn’t really All The Time.  For example, yesterday I managed a post about a Mohawk Valley adventure.  Tomorrow I will probably have Lame Post Friday.  I find it’s best not to look too closely at these things, but just to keep typing and eventually  hit Publish.

I am typing in some haste today, because I have to be in Little Falls, NY by six for a preview performance of Much Ado About Nothing.  It is only a few scenes, and I don’t have that many lines in the one I’m in.  It should be fun.  There is just nothing like performing in front of a live audience. When I start asking myself why oh why I got involved in another play rather than working toward other life goals (such as a clean house and a smaller waistline), I really know the answer.  I LOVE community theatre!!!

Yesterday after work, I hit the Thrift Store in Ilion looking for a couple of costume pieces. I had luck with pants but not shoes.  Well, actually I had great luck with shoes but not for the play.  I found the most delicious black velvet ankle boots.  Suh-WEET!  And on sale! I’ll just wear something neutral tonight and keep looking before the real performances.

I studied my lines while on breaks at work.  You know, instead of writing a blog post.  That’s why I’m typing this now.  And I see I’m over 300 words.  I’ll call that respectable and hit Publish. Hope to see you all on Lame Post Friday.



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  1. James Willsey

    Love it, “all the time”


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