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No New Leaf

So Sunday I declared Monday would be New Leaf Monday, and it turned out to be the same damn leaf after all.  Then I had a Tired Tuesday but hoped for better.  Then today I had a migraine which at times reached nightmare proportions (but only at times, so I’ve got that going for me).  Is it a Wuss-out Wednesday?  I think instead I’ll call it a Blogger’s Sick Day.  Fellow migraine sufferers will understand.

I won’t give an hour by hour recap of my day’s suffering (although I enjoy doing that on occasion). I will share one frustration.  I finished an article for Mohawk Valley Living magazine yesterday, but I had two attractions to write about.  I managed to begin my second article while at word today.  I looked up a couple of things online just now, but I don’t think I can finish it.  This is what I get for waiting for deadline week to write these things.  What is my problem?  I guess I need to try for another New Leaf Monday.

So there I was, logged on to WordPress, wanting to make my blog post but feeling quite brain dead, and doing what I usually do in that case which is read other people’s blogs.  I came across a post titled “Writing A Post Before The End Of The Day” at, a pretty fun blog and I don’t just say it because it is written by a cousin of mine.  I thought, “Perfect!  This is just where I’m at.”

Hmmm…. Kind of an interesting post.  But I thought I’d better stop procrastinating and write my own.  So I did.  Such as it is.

Maybe I could go for New Leaf Thursday instead.


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