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Cheesy Post about the Festival

Last year when I ran in the Boilermaker 15K, I chose not to go to the Little Falls Cheese Festival, which was the day before.  Given my sensitivity to sun, I did not want to spend hours out in it the day before running 15Ks in the bright sun.  Since I was not running the Boilermaker this year, it seemed wasteful to miss the Cheese Festival as well.

A few of us met at the house of a friend that lives in Little Falls and walked from there to the Festival on Main Street.  I have not spent a lot of time walking around Little Falls, so I was delighted to be strolling through a residential section.  I love to walk anyways, especially when I have had a strenuous run earlier, which I had.  In Little Falls, there are many beautiful houses to admire.  I kept advising my friends to purchase ones that were for sale, then to invite me over.

What a lot of cheese!  We went from one end of the festival to the other, sampling, chatting and purchasing.  I picked up business cards and brochures when available, hoping I could check out some of these businesses in more detail.

My post is not really doing justice to the cheese festival.  We also saw a fun play and heard a wonderful band.  I’d like to write a whole blog post about the play. I’m afraid I’ve having a bit of Monday Malaise, which is sad, since yesterday I declared that today would be New Leaf Monday.  On the other hand, I did manage to write a post about something other than the fact that I can’t write a post (if you don’t count this last paragraph).  Happy Monday, everyone.


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