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Running up to Scattered Saturday

I had another Spunky Start to a Scattered Saturday (the title of a previous blog post), but I suppose that would not be unusual for a dog owner.  Our previous pooch, Tabby, did not wake us up but merely insisted we get right up when she saw we were awake.  Spunky sleeps downstairs and wakes us with a whine or a bark, usually around five in the morning.

The sun was up but it was still almost dark when I walked down the sidewalk with the Spunkman, as Steven likes to call him.  I like walking the dog before running, because I grab a bottle of water out of the fridge and sip while we walk.  Then I’m not so dehydrated when I run.  I thought briefly about even having a cup of coffee before I ran today but decided to get right out on the road.

I had not run since Monday, due to having other commitments and the stinking hot weather (I don’t need to hear any superior remarks about not making excuses, that is SO tiresome!), so I was determined to have a good, long run.  I decided to go up the hill to Herkimer College.  A challenging hill, perhaps a good view at the top, and a sip of water at the spring when I came back down, what’s not to like?  I knew the view would not be as lovely as it sometimes is, though, because of the mist.  It was very humid, which made breathing less than fun.  Still, one must persevere.

As is often the case, it started to feel really wonderful some twenty minutes into the run.  I wondered if part of the reason it felt so wonderful was not that I was warmed up and hitting my stride but that I was going downhill, a sweet, gentle slope such as I love.  Then I thought to myself, “Don’t denigrate the wonderful, just enjoy it!”  So I did.

A few sips of water at the spring were as refreshing as I had hoped, although not as refreshing as I knew the large swallows from my end of the run bottle would be.  I ran the full 45 minutes I had set out to do, and I felt TERRIFIC (yes, it must be in capital letters).

The run put me in great shape and a great mood to enjoy the rest of my Scattered Saturday.   I actually did not do a whole lot, but I think I can get at least another blog post about it.  I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday yourselves.


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