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Return to the So Sweet

I’ve talked about my friend Margaret’s shop, the So Sweet Candy Cafe in Utica, NY.  I thought I’d give her another brief shout-out, in lieu of the Wuss-out Wednesday post that has been lurking in my brain all day.

Ever since I went to the So Sweet once, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to bring my husband Steven there.  He would love it!  However, when I got the opportunity to go without him, I did not hesitate, because, yum.  My older sister, Vicki was in town, and she had not visited the So Sweet yet.  Vicki and Margaret were best friends back in the day (we did not use the term BFFs nor yet besties).

It is the cutest little shop. Once again I noticed candies remembered from my childhood:  Boston Baked Beans, Lemonheads, bubble gum cigars.  I could not resist a few of the caramels with sugar in the midde:  3 for 75 cents, who could argue?  For Steven, I got a large brownie and two chocolate chunk cookies (full disclosure:  according to my evil plan, I ate one of the cookies and half the brownie).  These tasty delights were made by Margaret.  What a great talent!  I also grabbed a bottle of water, because, you know, hydration.

I still have not gotten a cup of coffee or tea and sat for a while.  I hope to do that one day soon.  Either I will bring a notebook and write (as Hemingway used to do in cafes), or I will bring Steven and visit.  Either way will be, you guessed it, so sweet.

The So Sweet Candy Cafe is located at 531 Varick St., Utica, NY.  Phone number 315-765-6463.




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