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Good Chips at Arthur’s

When Steven and I were out adventuring in Newport yesterday, we knew we wanted to go out to lunch but we didn’t know where.  I said it was too bad we were not in the vicinity of Dolgeville, or we could go to Arthur’s.  Steven did not think it would be a too far drive, and he was right.  It was actually a fun drive over country roads.  Once we got to Dolgevile, we found our destination with no problem (I have only been to Dolgeville a very few times).

We had been to Arthur’s one time previously, when I was getting my head shaved for a St. Baldrick’s Day Fundraiser (perhaps you read one of my blog posts about it).  We had some drinks and food and a lot of laughs that day.  We’ve been meaning to get to Arthur’s again ever since, but, well, we just don’t eat out enough, that’s all.

We walked into the bar section and sat right down at the bar.  We like to sit at the bar.  We ordered drinks and spent a lot of time looking at the menu.  Everything looked so good!  I finally decided on one of the specials, an Alamo Chicken Wrap. Steven got The Bird: turkey, bacon and provalone.  Both sandwiches came with homemade chips. I LOVE homemade chips!

When our food  arrived, the chips were even better than I expected.  I order homemade chips almost every time they are available, and these were among the best I have ever tasted.  The sandwich was quite delicious as well. We were very happy with our visit, and hope to return to Arthur’s soon.

Arthur’s American Restaurant is located at 19 South Main St, Dolgeville, NY, phone number 315- 429-9646.



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