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Another Slack, Another Shout

Last Saturday I made a post called Slacker to Shout-out, and I fear today’s post is more of the same.  I didn’t feel bad all day, but I had zero ambition.  I went running first thing, and it was a pretty good run.  I could have done a Running Commentary, but I plan to run every day in the coming week.  How many Running Commentaries can I do?  Silly me, I should have just done the first one and worried about the rest of the week as it comes.

I know, I know, just write it now.  Too late, I’ve already started a Slacker post.  Stay with me till I get to the shout-out.  Or don’t; it’s still a free country.

After my run I wrote a few post cards.  That was fun.  I was glad I got to it as I had not sent out cards last weekend.  Spunky nicely walked to the post office with me to mail them.  It was getting quite warm out by the time we got back home, and then I kind of fell apart.  I thought of all the house work or writing chores I could do, but all I did was look at Facebook then read a murder mystery.  I don’t read nearly as much fiction as I used to.  I miss it.

The one thing I managed to do was plant flowers in one container for my deck garden.  Then it got too hot for me.  Scorn me if you like, but I am sensitive to heat, especially with bright sunshine.  I’ll try to get out earlier tomorrow and finish the job.  For one reason, we might be having some people over.

Oh look, here I am approaching 300 words and I haven’t got to the shout-out yet.  We sent out to Carney’s Corners for dinner: a chicken salad sub and red potato salad.  Ooh, was it ever good!  I have to step up my own chicken salad recipe.  I also had some chocolate ice cream while I was writing this (between paragraphs three and four, in case you’re interested).  As I said in a post earlier this week, When in Doubt, Eat Ice Cream.

So I see I have given two shout-outs to myself as well as one to a local business.  Carney’s Corners is located at 232 Washington St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-7191.  My blog is located… oh, I guess you know that.  I guess I really am slacking.



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