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Nice Stroll on Non-Sequitur Thursday

How about a nice Pedestrian Post?  One thing I really looked forward to when we decided to adopt Spunky was walking a dog.  I LOVE to walk a dog.

Unfortunately, so far our walks have not been that exciting.  One reason is that they are short walks.  Spunky is just a little guy.  I guess those short legs get tired in a hurry.  Oh, I should perhaps mention, I have been calling him a Shih Tzu, but when Steven looked over the paperwork from the veterinarian, it said Spunky is a Pekapoo.  I think I have said that I don’t really know from breeds.

Be that as it may, I got home from work and Spunky was clearly ready to go out.  I have to understand that; I can’t hold my pee nearly as long as dogs do.  I grabbed my crazy old lady hat (sunny day), Spunky’s leash, a poop bag and my house key (must be secure), and we set out.

At the beginning of a walk, Spunky trots along eagerly.  We would make good time if he didn’t want to stop and sniff so often.  Then again, that is what dogs do  (heehee, I said “dog do”).   We made it to the corner, turned right, and started down Church Street.  Two dachshunds were in the yard at the next corner.  The bigger one ran over as we approached.  The man watching them said he just wanted to play.  He and Spunky sniffed each other (um, the dog, not that man).  After a while, his person ordered him into the house.  He went reluctantly.

The other dachshund, a smaller, long-haired dog, kept his distance.  We had to approach him as we continued our walk.  First he seemed inclined to give us a wide berth, then he started barking vigorously. The man told him to stop and go in the house.  The first dog came running over to join the fun.  I pulled Spunky along and we were soon beyond inciting the other pooches.

This was about the time Spunky slowed down.  I wonder if I should get one of those doggy strollers, so that when he gets tired he can ride for a while.  For now I’m just walking a little slower and encouraging my dog to keep going till we get home.  Today I was just as happy to have a short walk.  It was getting quite warm for me out in the bright sun.  Additionally, even though I had my wide-brimmed hat, I had neglected to wear my prescription sunglasses.  But our walk wasn’t about me.  It was about our nice poocher.

Incidentally, the reason my blog post today is a mere Pedestrian Post written on the fly is that today on breaks at work, I wrote more on my banana play.  I can’t feel too proud of myself about that, because it isn’t going very well.  I’ll have a few good lines, a dramatic situation, some believable character interaction… but is it going anywhere?  It is not the sort of play that can go nowhere (Bananas for Godot?).

But, as I often say, no matter.  It is Non-Sequitur Thursday, and this is my post. If I can only think of a punchy headline, all is not lost.  If my headline is, well, more paunchy, yet it will have to do.  You can let me know what you think of it, if you are so inclined.  In the meantime, I hope to see you on Lame Post Friday.



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