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Melrose Market on Wuss-out Wednesday

I was supposed to buy milk after work today.  The plan was to go to a convenience store that has a Milk Club; you buy 10 half-gallons and get one free or some such nonsense.  Naturally I left the Milk Club card sitting on Steven’s coffee table.  So I would go someplace else.  Maybe even buy something besides milk.  This would be great.

At some point in the afternoon I decided to make a minor Mohawk Valley adventure out of it and go to a distinctive, local store:  Melrose Market in Frankfort, NY.  Some people roll their eyes at the thought of going to the grocery store as an adventure, but I don’t think any of those people would read a blog like mine.  Not more than once, at any rate.  I took a roundabout way to Frankfort from Ilion (where I work), going on Route 5S to the second Frankfort exit, by the Fairgrounds.  This put me on the same side of the street as Melrose Market.

I noted once again that the Balloon Farm Bed and Breakfast is for sale.  That is a lovely historic building.  I’ve been to a couple of Herkimer County Historical Society fundraisers there.  I hope somebody nice buys it and hosts another fundraiser there.

I got a parking space almost right in front of the store, which I did not expect but was very happy about.  I grabbed a couple of reusable bags and went in, making a beeline for the deli counter.

Melrose Market has an excellent butcher department.  I refrained from looking at all the meat, because no doubt I would have found something I couldn’t resist, and our freezer is kind of full these days (we have not been cooking at home enough).  What I wanted was deli meat.  Genoa salami, baked Virginia ham and Muenster cheese.  Yum!  I also looked at some of the store-made food available.  Salads, dinners, soups. Hmmm…. I already had a cucumber salad I made the other day plus ingredients for a tossed salad.  I hesitated long over some fancy olives such as I love but ultimately stuck with just the deli meat and cheese.

Oh yes, we needed bread.  I got some Italian bread from Giuseppe’s Bakery in Utica for Steven (I may eat a slice or two myself) and some flat bread for me (Steven may have some if he would like).  In the produce section I picked up a fresh lemon, to put in some club soda I had at home (I’m drinking some as I type this).

As I paid for my purchases I saw they could not take a credit or debit card for sale less than $5.  I remarked that I thought I was over that.  I went on to say I was trying to pay with cash more often.  The clerk tactfully said the cards were a convenience when needed.

“It’s just me not planning ahead,” I said.  “Operator error every time with me!”  She laughed.

I was quite pleased with my purchases, and I’m sure many of my readers are right now holding up a hand and saying, “But, but…”

Yes, but.  I forgot the milk.  Oh what do you want from me on a Wednesday? (said in a dramatic voice, making a pose with a wrist to my forehead).  Wuss-out Wednesday, in fact.  At least I went one day without whining about how I can’t seem to write.  I hope to see you all tomorrow on Non-Sequitur Thursday.



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  1. And you forgot the calcium pills!

    • As a matter of fact I saw the calcium pills at The Medicine Shoppe when I went to pick up my prescriptions at lunchtime, but I couldn’t afford everything at the time. Then I thought I might better check with my primary care that the calcium will be OK with my other meds and supplements.


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