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Comfort Food at Froggy’s

When Steven and I wanted to grab a quick bit in Ilion today, we thought of Froggy’s Take-Out.  I was glad we did, because we hadn’t been there yet this year.  It is a little, seasonal place located on a busy corner.  We pulled into the parking lot and walked up to the order window, following the sign that said “Enter.”

We actually have never taken out at Froggy’s.  We sit at the picnic tables under a tent in the parking lot.  They are large, highly polished, green tables.  I like looking around at other Ilion businesses and all the traffic.  Lots of people drive through Ilion at four in the afternoon!

I was immediately interested in two large pieces of chocolate cake under a glass. However, we were there for dinner not dessert. The lady working made a spirited attempt to get us to buy one or both of them to take with us, but I remembered my weight-loss goals.  We both ordered cheeseburgers deluxe, which means mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and onion.  Perhaps this was not the most diet-friendly fare, but at least it was not deep fried (one of my favorite flavors).  What really made my meal bad for my waistline was the chocolate shake.  Don’t judge.

As usual when I have a cheeseburger and chocolate shake, I reminded Steven that this was Shelley Winters’ favorite comfort food.  It was a good meal.  Steven, who had ordered coffee, helped me finish the chocolate shake.  As we sat and ate, we looked at some pictures depicting other menu selections.  Hoffman hot dog, grilled chicken sandwich, deep-fried oreo cookies, root-beer float… we may need to make several more trips to Froggy’s.

Froggy’s Take-Out is located at 4 West Clark St., Ilion, NY, next to Heads R Turning Spa and Salon.  Phone number is 315-894-1400.  You can Like them on Facebook and sign up for coupons as



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